Monday, April 28, 2008

A Robin in a Pear Tree

We are incredibly excited around here. We've got a pair of robins who have set up housekeeping in the pear tree in our front yard. We first discovered their nest several days ago. Then this past Saturday for the first time we saw Mama Robin sitting in it. We carefully lifted each child up high enough so they could look down into the nest to see her. (The nest is about five feet off of the ground.) I dashed into the house, returned with my camera, and tiptoed over to the tree with great stealth (or so I thought). Just as I snapped the picture, Mama flew away. I felt badly about scaring her and certainly never intended to, but as long as she was away, I just had to see the eggs! So we took a quick peek, and there they were - three beautiful eggs of that distinctive shade of blue. (Aren't the colors of our Creator's palette amazing?) Again, we lifted up each child to peer into the nest. I wouldn't take anything for the looks of wonder and delight on their smiling faces after having a look at the eggs. Our six-year old gazed up at me with an awestruck look and said, "Mom, they're blue!", as if he expected them to be the normal white or brown of the chicken eggs he sees in our refrigerator. It then occurred to me that this was the first time in their lives that any of them had seen a bird's nest outside the pages of a book.

The next day Mama Robin flew across the street and met up with Daddy Robin for what appeared to be some lunchtime worm-gathering. Again, we stole a peek and this time there were four eggs! In the little bit of research I've done, I've learned that a robin typically lays one egg a day until she has three to five eggs, and her clutch is complete. She will then roost for twelve to fifteen days, and at the end of this period her beautiful baby robins hatch out. We are certainly counting down the days to that momentous event.

It's been unanimously decided that the nest and eggs will be the subject of this week's nature journal entries on Friday. I'll post those pictures along with another Robin Family update here in a few days.


  1. What a neat find! And great photos! (I found your blog through a comment you left on In The Sparrow's Nest) :-)

  2. How neat! What great photos too! You are a fun Mom! Enjoy watching the birds!


  3. Great pictures. We had a robin's nest near here, too, but something got the eggs. :-(
    But we did get to keep track of a house finch nest on our front door wreath!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your blog, and I am so interested in nature study as well. My kids love it too. I noticed that we have the same exact favorite homeschool books. You must be a kindred spirit ;)

    JennyO (FIAR board)


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