Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Look Out the Window

(photo of tonight's moon courtesy of Weather Underground)

Tonight as I was putting the children to bed I had the chance to watch them delight in nature from their bedroom windows. Everyone had their jammies on, Sweet Pea was already on her way to dreamland, and I had just finished reading to Superman and Giggly Girl. Since today has been the perfect spring day and the evening was still warm, I thought it would be nice to open up their windows just a bit so they could hear the night sounds as they drifted off to sleep. As I opened the blinds, they came running over to look out, and we saw the thin crescent moon that they had spotted earlier in the evening while we were outside. Now it was a few hours later, and the moon had changed to a beautiful orange color. They immediately began asking why and how it changes color, and it was all I could do to keep Superman from dragging me to the computer to find out. (I do usually try to help them find the answers right away, but it was way past bedtime!) While we were still gazing at the moon, we saw movement out of the corner of our eyes. We looked down at the backyard near the bird feeders and saw this huge - and I do mean very large - rabbit. We all got so excited because we've suspected for awhile that we had some rabbits back in the trees somewhere, but the little (or in this case, big) furry creatures wouldn't show themselves. We called down to tell Daddy, and he joined in our excitement. After a few moments our new friend hopped on across the yard. So now we know for sure that we're feeding more than birds and squirrels in our little bird sanctuary. At this point, both children wanted to look for more exciting finds from our second story window and began trying to call in our great-horned owl that we sought out a couple of months ago. Fearing that we could wake up the newborn in the house behind us with our who-who-whooos, I coaxed everyone into their beds and tucked them in. I came downstairs feeling thankful that I have the privilege of being at home with these dear ones and seeing their wonder as they discover all the many surprises God's creation holds in store for us.

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