Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hail to the Chief: A Unit Study of the U.S. Presidents

We just finished a unit that was not in my original plan for this year. (Note to self: since we only followed "the plan" from September through December, maybe I should only plan one quarter at a time instead of a whole year!)

Over spring break we visited my parents, and my mother gave each grandchild some of the new gold dollars featuring U.S. Presidents. For Superman this sparked a huge interest in our Presidents, so we embarked on a two-week unit study on the subject. We were having so much fun that two weeks quickly stretched into three.

I began planning this unit by asking Superman what sorts of things he wanted to learn about the Presidents. (I've put an asterisk by things he came up with on his own.) Then I added my own set of topics to round out the unit. This has really been a fun learning adventure, and Giggly Girl even wanted to join in on some of the projects and activities. (I'll try to post pictures of their President notebooks soon.)

As I began typing out this unit, I realized it made for a really long post, so I'm linking the whole thing in my right-hand sidebar as a download. (Just look under Categories/Files for Sharing.) You'll see an overview of topics we covered by subject area and then a daily lesson plan of everything we did or planned on doing. Since we stretched this to three weeks, we actually got around to almost everything I've listed. We'll take our field trip in two weeks after my mother arrives because she is a history buff and wants to go with us to William Howard Taft's home.

I finally had to bring this unit to an end, but I think Superman would have stuck with it until the end of the school year! Even though we've moved on to our new unit, he is still reading and learning about his dear Presidents and falling asleep with his President books each night. :) Of course as his mother and teacher I am excited that he has developed an interest in our nation's history, but I'm most overjoyed at the fact that something has finally come across his radar that rivals dinnertime discussions of Darth Vader, Clone Troopers, and The Force!


  1. Oh I so relate to the "light saber" talk! My son AND daughter are huge fans.

    Our school group went last year to the William Howard Taft home. We live not too far from there. It is a very neat place.


  2. Thank you for sharing your unit study. I added it to my elections post and plan to incorporate much into our studies. :o)


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