Saturday, April 19, 2008

Backlog Part 1: Some Fun Photos

I have a backlog of photos and posts that I've wanted to post for a couple of months now. Here's the first installment. Just a hodge podge of cute pics. taken back in February of this year.

It seems strange to be posting snow photos now that spring is finally here. I believe this was our next-to-last snow of the season. Sweet Pea's hood would not stay on, so we put Giggly Girl's "Sunday" black hat on her, and she loved it! She wore that thing around for the remainder of the winter (even indoors sometimes).

For some reason Superman looks older than usual to me in this picture - maybe because "our little man" is growing up so quickly right before my eyes.

This was the beginning of Sweet Pea's fondness for wearing the "pancess dress". She routinely puts it on now and wears it around the house, much preferring it to regular clothing.

One of Giggly Girl's favorite things to do is play Go Fish. We gave her a deck of Veggietales Jonah Go Fish cards for Christmas, and she has been hooked (pardon the pun) ever since. I love these pictures because they show her beautiful, contagious smile, which we see all the time but I have a hard time capturing in posed shots.


  1. Hi Shannon, I just followed your link here. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always encouraging to know other homeschoolers are working through the same things!

  2. Beautiful photos! And you are the winner of my Child's Spring Book (ziplock bag books)!! Email with a shipping address at blessedinthewest @ yahoo dot com.

  3. Jennifer, thanks so much! I'm thrilled to be receiving your beautiful Spring Nature Books. Can't wait to see your Oregon specimens. :)


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