Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Plan for the New Year

Well, I guess the New Year isn't so new now that it's February, but at any rate, we're trying out a new schedule around here.
Little Miss Sweet Pea has decided to try to give up her nap. Naptime is usually when we do most of our schooling; thus, change is in order. :) Here is the new plan:
-Spanish (5 minutes - max.)*
-play break
-Circle Time: music, calendar, weather, Before Five in a Row, letter of the week (We won't do all of these everyday.)*
-Superman: Reading Made Easy
-Girls: fun box activities (I'll list these in a separate post soon.)*
-Superman and Giggly Girl: Handwriting Without Tears
-Sweet Pea: Coloring/playing with Mommy as I guide older two.
-playbreak while I prepare lunch
-specials (Composer and Artist Study - We do these during lunch.)
-Sweet Pea goes down for quiet time (formerly known as naptime - LOL! Sometimes she still actually sleeps.)
-Five in a Row or other unit study
-Giggly Girl: quiet time
-Superman: Math*
3:00-Everybody up from naps/quiet time - unless the girls are sleeping (then Mommy has a little quiet time too)!
-other Specials (nature walks, science experiments, cooking, teatime - We don't do specials everyday.)

*These are things that are brand new for us. Yes, I'm probably crazy to implement new things in the middle of the year, but they are additions/changes that I'm convinced we need:
-Superman has been asking to learn Spanish for a long time now. I'm using the suggestions on Kathleen's Spanish blog for a very simple, informal curriculum that should take no more than five minutes at the breakfast table each morning.
-Circle Time: We have been sporadic with Circle Time this year, but I know the children enjoy it - especially the two littlest ones. This time will be geared for them, but of course, Superman is welcome to join in (and I'm sure he will!).
-The Fun Box activities are independent, preschooler and toddler-friendly activities. Giggly Girl loves her own "work" to keep her occupied, and she is also really great at including Sweet Pea in whatever she is doing, so I think these will keep the girls occupied for the half hour that I do reading with Superman.
-I'm very excited about the math that Superman has begun this week. We're using the Gnomes and Numbers Math Story over at Serendipity, a unit study blog by Elizabeth Foss. Superman loves this work and has looked forward to it with excitement each day! If you're interested in some living math, I recommend a visit to Serendipity.

So far, so good with the new schedule, we're not getting quite as early of a start each day as I hope to eventually. I'll try to post the Fun Box activities tomorrow.
We're having really nasty weather here tonight. Praying you have a safe and restful night!


  1. I can't wait to see that fun box Shannon!

    Does Sweet Pea dump everything and anything out while you school the other kids? My J2 does and I'm looking for the antidote!

    He's also stopped napping and won't really stay in his room nicely for quiet time so any suggestions?

  2. Shannon, I loved "catching up" on your blog tonight! Your schedule sounds great.

    Can you tell me more about the spanish that you are doing in just a few minutes a day? I'm familiar (a little) with Kathleen's blog...but what exactly are you doing with it? Learning and reviewing a few words each day?

    Thanks for any info you can give me! :) Oh and your ideas for the preschoolers sound GREAT!!



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