Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

We let Superman and Giggly Girl stay up for the lunar eclipse last night. They had been looking forward to this since last week when Granddaddy and Grandma called to tell them about it. We had a terrific view from the dining room window. Thankfully it was a perfectly clear, starry night. We did go out for just a few minutes and look at the moon with our binoculars, but it was pretty cold, so we kept it short. Here are the budding astronomers:

A shot of the eclipse within the first 30 minutes or so:

Everyone (even Sweet Pea) has taken a real interest in the night skies lately, so I think we'll do an outer space unit when the weather warms up in a couple of months - I'm a wimp when it comes to stargazing in below freezing temperatures! :)

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