Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun Boxes

So far on our new schedule, I've only tried occupying Sweet Pea with playdough. As much fun as that has been for her (it really has held her attention for a long time), the novelty is beginning to wear off. This week I'm going to try giving her some toddler type activities to keep her busy while I do reading with Superman.

Giggly Girl is great about finding ways to entertain herself, but I know she'll enjoy these things too. Plus, she's earned the title of "The Informer" around here, so I know she'll be my eyes and ears in case Sweet Pea decides to try any funny business with any of these activities. (You'll notice that a couple of these may seem a bit risky to try with an active, wild child two-year old, but Giggly Girl will holler out for me in the event that S.P. decides to try and snack on a quarter or dump a tub of rice on the floor. Besides, I'll be only a few feet away in the next room! :)

Most of these ideas were gleaned from a wonderful thread on the Five in a Row boards. Here's my lineup for this week. At the end of the week, I'll re-evaluate and replace activities as needed. (Read: If it made too much of a mess we won't do it again! LOL)

Monday: a tub of rice with ladles and funnels (with a big plastic table cloth underneath!)

Tuesday: a coffee can with two holes in the lid (one for straws and the other for coins), a good supply of colored drinking straws cut into small pieces and coins

Wednesday: 1. beads and pipecleaners for threading 2. cookie sheet with letter magnets
(I combine these two activities b/c I think they will be fun, but possibly not enough to hold their attention for 30 minutes.)

Thursday: a clothesline strung between to chairs, clothespins, some baby washcloths and other small items to hang up and take down

Friday: clear contact paper sticky side up and various items to stick on it (construction paper shapes, foam pieces, etc.) When they're finished we'll put another piece on top and display their collages.

Substitutes I'll have on hand in case any of the above are flops. :)
-Play dough (a tried and true winner)
-Washable markers and a big sheet of butcher paper on the floor
-Watercolors (pre-moistened and leave a little bit of water in the case), a brush, and lots of paper

Wish me luck, and feel free to share any ideas that have worked for your little ones!


  1. A different activity each day. that is a good idea! I think I'll try the clothesline activity this week. J2 would dig that one.

    Do you only use these ideas during reading?

    I know my kids are older and do more work for a longer time. I'm just trying to work things out now that J2 isn't napping all the time anymore- once or maybe twice in a week these days.

    Heather W

  2. Right now we're using these for Superman's reading time (about 30 minutes). Playdough will keep the girls entertained for almost an hour, so I'm hoping that eventually the same will be true with these activities.


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