Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Look Who's Reading!

Today Superman completed Lesson 50 of Reading Made Easy. He has done great with this program. It has been a perfect fit for him. After he read today's lesson I began thinking that I ought to pull out some easy readers for him to try. We have a set of little Clifford readers that I bought when he was two years old because he loved Clifford so much. So this afternoon I went rummaging through the kids' bookcases and found one that mainly had sounds and sightwords we have covered. I brought it down to him and said, "You can read this. Would you like to try a page?" His face lit up as he said, "Maybe I'll try the whole thing!" And he did. He read it like a pro! I had to help him with three or four sightwords he hasn't learned yet, but he read the rest all by himself. Later on this evening he read it for his Daddy and was pleased as punch with himself! Needless to say, this Mama is proud of her boy.
Thanks for letting me brag a bit tonight.

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