Friday, February 1, 2008

Mr. Chickadee - I finally got him!

For weeks now we have enjoyed watching many varieties of feathered friends at our feeders. I have wanted to get pictures of them, but the zoom on my camera won't reach that far. I've recently been drooling over an SLR, but my Canon Powershot is only one year old, so we came up with the solution of buying a window feeder in order for me to get some close-up shots of our birdies. Kurt went out and bought a clear plastic feeder and hung it outside of our family room window.

Two weeks passed, and we had no traffic there. We began to wonder if maybe they couldn't see the clear plastic, so Kurt went out and bought a little green window feeder. Within minutes of him hanging it next to the first one, we had our first window visitor, a little black-capped chickadee. We were all so excited! I couldn't get close enough that day to snap any photos, but by day two, the birds were accustomed to us moving around by the window. Here is one of the little chickadees.

Several days later we saw a brand new bird at the window that, as far as we know, was making his first appearance in our yard. He was light grey, with a white breast, and had a little tuft on top of his head. Superman and I looked him up and discovered that he was a tufted titmouse. He left in too big of a hurry for us to get a picture, but we did get to add a new bird to our list of visitors - very exciting stuff around here!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. How fun Shannon! I have been wanting one of those window bird feeders!
    ~Jen Unsell


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