Friday, December 28, 2007

You might ask...

Why am I blogging about animal classification charts and other miscellaneous topics this week? Mainly because I have several things I've wanted to post on here, and never seem to get around to doing it. So this week, as we're enjoying the warm comfort of just being at home and taking a break from the normal routine, I'm taking some time to post a few tidbits. Most of these are things I want to include in Superman's end-of-year portfolio assessment, and collecting them here helps me to keep them all in one place. If anyone else gleans an idea, then that's great too! I love sharing great ideas that others have shared with me. If it weren't for the willingness of other homeschooling moms to let me glean from their wisdom and experience, these first two years would not have been nearly as enjoyable. It's my prayer that I may be of some help to someone else through this blog.

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