Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh, the Weather Outside...

is delightful now, but it started out frightful to say the least. The snow began falling this morning around 8:45 just as I was heading out the door to take Superman and Giggly Girl to church for their Christmas play dress rehearsal. It was so beautiful coming down to form that first blanket of white, and the kids and I enjoyed our 10 minute drive to church. I got to the church and settled them in and then headed back home to do a few things before I had to pick them up at 11:00. As I headed out of the parking lot and down the 2-lane highway, I began to realize that getting home was going to be trickier than I thought. There were no salt trucks or shovels to be seen anywhere and the roads were becoming more difficult to maneuver by the minute. I finally got to our neighborhood and began to climb the curvy hill that is the entrance to our subdivision. This southern girl thought she was going slowly enough, but apparently not. I began to slide toward the right hand side of the road and made a perfectly straight line for a driveway. All would have been well if it had not been for the detail of a mailbox next to the driveway. I tried to miss it, but I really had no control of the car at that point. So, I braced myself and closed my eyes in preparation for impact. And oh, what an impact. I completely mowed over the mailbox, post and all. The silver lining in this is that the mailbox did stop the car, and I didn't go into the ditch on the other side of the driveway. By instinct I reached for my cell phone only to realize that yes, you guessed it, I had left it at home. I went on up to the home to apologize and explain to the owners of the mailbox. Their teenage daughters were home and told me that their parents had just left town for a few days. They called their mother on her cell phone, and she was very kind and understanding. Then I called Kurt, and he bundled up Sweet Pea and came and rescued me. Praise God I didn't have any children with me and that I hit a mailbox rather than another car or a tree or something. By the time Kurt got to me, there were several other cars that had slid off of the road, and it had become nearly impossible to get into or out of our neighborhood. (Where are those salt trucks when you need them?) I did (barely) make it back to church in time to pick up the kids from choir practice.
The rest of our day was fairly calm, and we enjoyed a quiet Saturday being snowed in. My parents arrived this afternoon, and Mama and I made a big pot of steaming vegetable soup. She fried up some yummy cornbread to go with it, and we enjoyed a delicious meal - a perfect ending to what started out as a not-so-perfect day.

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