Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Learning Meme

Shauna from the Five in a Row boards has posted a helpful learning meme on her blog. Here are my answers. If you want to join in on your blog, please leave me a comment with a link to your answers. Hope someone finds this helpful!

1. Name one thing you do as a parent to encourage your child to love learning.

Read! We read lots and lots of books around here. Thankfully, our children will drop just about anything to come and cuddle up for a story.

2. Name an education-related book you read and enjoyed recently and tell why you liked it.

Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss. I originally read this book over a year ago, but I've been re-reading it recently. Once again, I'm inspired with Mrs. Foss' practical, hands-on ideas for creating an atmosphere and lifestyle of learning in the home.

3. What are your favorite sources for finding learning activities and ideas for projects to do with your kids?

others' blogs, using Google search

4. What learning or educational web sites do you visit regularly?

Homeschool Share

Enchanted Learning

Learning Pages

5. What are some of your family’s favorite educational field trips?

Nature walks at parks, children's museums, farms, zoos

6. Name a few of your family’s favorite educational games or toys.

These may not be considered educational, but they teach my little ones a whole lot about counting, colors, taking turns, criticial thinking, and they even give my 6 year old some reading practice:

Mayberry Monopoly
Uncle Wiggly
Go Fish
"Concentration/Memory" type card games
Sequence for Kids
Bingo games to practice any skill

7. What household items have you found educational uses for?

jellybeans, buttons, rocks, shells, cars (for estimating and counting), juice can lids (for making magnetic fishing games), paper towel rolls (for crafts), popsicle sticks (math and crafts), cookie sheets (for using magnetic letters and numbers), shaving cream (for practicing letters)

8. What is your favorite catalog, web site, or store for finding educational toys and games?

Constructive Playthings
Young Explorers
Rainbow Resource

9. What is your favorite source for finding inexpensive educational books and other materials?

thrift stores, used book stores, ebay

10. What is your favorite learning find that you came across unexpectedly?
I recently read about a series of books about childhoods of famous composers. I realized that the one about Beethoven was an old book my mother had bought for me as a child because he was my favorite composer. I still remember my excitement when Mama brought home that book from a yard sale and gave it to me. It included the scores for a few of his short piano works, and I immediately chose one that I wanted to learn to play. That book helped to fuel my early love of classical music, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that my Beethoven book was one in a series called Great Musicians by Opal Wheeler, and most of the series is back in print. A couple of months ago when I went home for a visit, I found my precious book on the bookcase. I must thank my mother who who doesn't like to get rid of books! I plan on purchasing more of the series to use with our composer studies.

11. What is something that you want to learn or have learned how to do as an adult?

Draw and paint! I have always wanted to take an art class. This is the year I plan to do it!

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