Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's a Zoo Around Here!

Our children love animals (both real ones and stuffed toys)! So when we started using Five in a Row last year, I was excited about Jane Claire Lambert's idea of making animal cards to use for classification games. You can make your own (or let your children make them) or use pre-made ones. I found some beautiful ones over at Homeschool Share that the ladies there must have put a lot of time into making. I simply printed them on cardstock and laminated them to use with our animal classification board.

I got the idea for this board from the FIAR archives. The board is a tri-fold project board (I found ours at Michael's). I used red and blue cardstock for the two major groups of animals: verterbrates and invertebrates. Then I cut sheet protectors in half to create pockets, which I taped onto each piece of cardstock with double-sided tape. When we encounter a new animal in one of our units/books, we add the card to our collection and stick it in the appropriate pocket. The tri-fold board is nice because I can just fold it up and stick it in a closet or behind a couch. (I like portability!)

You can also use the cards to play sorting games and include very young children by letting them sort into piles such as "fins, feathers, fur". Now that our two-year old is wanting to become more involved in school, I think we'll play this type of game more often and maybe even find a way to incorporate our stuffed animals into the fun!

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  1. Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for the comment and the link to your blog from my blog today. It's always nice to get to know who is reading your own blog.....anyway. I have enjoyed reading through your blog this afternoon. I love this idea using the project board and the animal classifications. It is simple and it looks like a great on-going project.

    Thanks for might be interested in my nature blog.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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