Thursday, November 22, 2007

One Thousand Gifts


21. Having the chance to play board games with Giggly Girl today for 45 minutes!
22. Watching Sweet Pea give Superman a big 'ole hug and say "I wuv u, wu!" - so precious!
23. Listening to Giggly Girl pray for the children receiving Operation Christmas Child boxes
24. Jeff's sermon about ways to combat worry!
25. Watching Superman rock his baby sister and sing her a lullaby
26. Grocery shopping with Superman pushing a child-sized buggy
27. Smooth errand-running today - the kids were angels!
28. Giggly Girl helping me get jammies together tonight
29. A well-stocked public library with a staff willing to pull books for their patrons ahead of time
30. A great Upwards Football celebration for Superman
31. Finding a ginkgo tree
32. Giggly Girl asking me "You O.K., Mommy?" after seeing me stub my toe.
33. Sweet Pea and Giggly Girl laying down together and snuggling with their new Build-a-Bear animals
34. Sweet Pea loving to pet and talk to our kitty cats
35. My dear husband cleaning up the kitchen for me today

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