Friday, November 16, 2007

A Night of Celebration!

Tonight was the big night! We attended Superman's Upward Flag Football Awards Celebration. This was a much anticipated event by all of us, but especially by him, and the evening did not disappoint.
Superman had experienced some discouragement and sadness today, and my heart was actually somewhat heavy as we drove to the event. After we got him situated in his assigned seat with his team and coaches and found seats for ourselves, I briefly asked God to let this be a special evening for him and if possible, for something extra special to happen for him.
A few minutes later they introduced two former Bengals players. Then they asked for a volunteer to come up on stage. Of course, two hundred hands went up, and would you believe it? Yes, they picked Superman! The emcee got him up on stage and asked him to tell the two Bengals players what a R.A.K.E. is. (This was a reference to a devotion done early on in the season at one of the games.) He answered, "Random Acts of Kindess", and then the guy lifted him up so he could high-five each of the Bengals! Our little boy was beaming, and I was videoing!
God is so good. Praise to Him for caring so much for all of His children!
I have to admit that more times than not, I put God in a box and don't even bother to ask for special blessings. He could have chosen for nothing extra special to happen to Superman tonight, and that would have been O.K. But He chose to encourage a little child in a really big way. And He chose to remind that child's mother in a very personal way that He loves His children, and He loves to lavish good gifts on them.

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