Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well it was back to school for us today, and despite a batch of mis-shapen dinosaur pancakes, a sick toddler, and a few other mishaps, it turned out to be a fun and productive first day.

We managed to do most of what I had planned for the morning before I decided that I needed to take our feverish toddler to the ER. (Yes, our pediatrician and all of the nearby urgent cares were closed today.) As it turns out the poor thing has strep throat. She was so tired after our long ER visit, but she is sleeping soundly now while her Daddy has gone to get her antibiotics. We're praying that the meds. will kick in tonight, and she'll be feeling better in the morning.

So here's a glimpse of our first day of Kindergarten for Superman and Preschool for Giggly Girl:

Our unit for the next two weeks is Dinosaurs! I'm using a lot of ideas from the Dinosaur Unit at Homeschool Share.

When the children came down to the kitchen this morning they were truly surprised and delighted to see the dinosaur display on the table. (This is an idea I got from several ladies on the Five in a Row boards. I began to do these displays last year to kick off our units, and they were a huge hit.)

For breakfast we made dinosaur pancakes. Superman and Giggly Girl helped with mixing the batter and even pouring it into the dinosaur pancake mold. The mold apparently works better in theory than in practice (either that or I wasn't using it correctly), so we ended up kind of trimming around it to make our dinosaurs. The children were very proud of these and wanted to make sure that Daddy saw them before they ate them all up!

During breakfast we read Psalm 8 and began memorizing the first verse. I chose this chapter since it fits so well with God's amazing creation, part of which were the dinosaurs!

Next we read a fun book titled Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton. This was enjoyed by all, and I have a feeling it will be requested again and again. Then I told the Creation story using our flannegraph set, and the children always love this! (I've only used the felts a few times, mainly because it's taken me forever to get them all cut out, but thanks to my mother, they are finished and will get much use for years to come.) We talked about God creating dinosaurs on day six along with the other animals, and Superman asked many good questions.

Next it was time for art. We decorated letter D cutouts with dinosaur footprint stamps, letter D stamps, and dino. stickers. Giggly Girl, who loves to color and do crafts, thoroughly enjoyed this, and even though Superman usually bawks at the mention of art, he really got into this too.

We wrapped up the whole morning by listening to a Buddy Davis song, I Know All the Dinosaurs. There was much clapping, dancing, and giggling going on during this. What a great song!

Typically I'll do reading, handwriting, and other various things with Superman during the girls' afternoon naps, but today we had to forego that for the ER visit. Thankfully my Mom is here visiting, so she pulled out some new Crayola Color Wonder stuff to occupy the older two while I took Sweet Pea to the doctor. (And wouldn't you know the first two pictures in the Color Wonder book were both Dinosaurs! The kids had so much fun coloring these with the special "magic" markers.)

Today could have been a real disaster, but through the chaos we managed to have some fun and actually get our first official day of Kindergarten under our belt - thank you, Lord, for small miracles!

I hope you've enjoyed my first blog entry. Thanks for taking the time to read about our adventures. Other folks' blogs have encouraged and inspired me so much as a homeschooling mama and wife, and I look forward to sharing here with you.

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