Saturday, September 15, 2007

Living Beyond Myself

Last Thursday Ladies Bible study began our fall study. It's Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself (the fruit of the Spirit). In the first day's lesson she talks about the influence that we as women have, particularly with our words. The Jewish leaders that did not like Paul's preaching wanted to incite a mob to run him out of town. Guess who they stirred up first? Yep, the "influential, religious women". (Acts 13:50) And these women got the ball rolling by stirring up an angry mob who ran Paul and Barnabas out of town. Beth Moore also points out that it was the woman whom the serpent approached in the Garden of Eden. Maybe he believed that Eve could talk Adam into anything. This is an interesting thought that had never occurred to me before.

God selected us, women, to be the bearers and main caregivers to our children. He has given us the incredible power of influence that we can use for better or worse in their little lives (as well as in the lives of our husbands). She says this, "For better or worse your self-esteem has probably been influence most at the hands - and mouth - of your mother." Wow - this really hit me hard!

God, forgive me for the times that my words have not been patient and kind and loving towards my children and my husband. Let all of my words be ones of love and kindness and encouragement, even when it's time for me to admonish and discipline. May they build up and never tear down. Lord, you know I can only do this through "Christ in me", for such a task is beyond anything I can do in my own weakness.

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