Friday, September 14, 2007

Handwriting WITHOUT Tears

We're wrapping up our dinosaur unit tomorrow with some fun stuff that I'll post later in the weekend with pics. But I wanted to pop in here and give an enthusiastic  for the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. I ordered some of the Pre-K stuff last year and sadly, I didn't delve into it a whole lot. We listened to the CD and played with the wood letter pieces a few times, but that was it. Superman has always disliked crayons, pencils, coloring - you get the picture. So last year I just took a very laid back attitude toward handwriting and decided not to push it. This year though I really felt like it was time to make handwriting a regular part of our week. He is more mature now, and I think we're both ready for it!

So we've started this last week by using the Stamp-N-See Screen to practice letter formation. He can stamp the letters with magnetic mini-versions of the wood letter pieces, and then he can trace over the letters with a short, stubby magnetic pen. This pen rocks! Pencil grip has been a huge issue for Superman, but the minute he picked up this little wonder, he had a correct grip. I was amazed to say the least. So now I'm breaking up crayons and pencils left and right for him to use, and he's really doing great. I can tell he really likes using these fun tools. He has complained a couple of times when I brought them out, but then he quickly becomes absorbed in writing his letters. The first day we started, after he had been working with the Stamp-n-See screen for a few minutes, I told him the name of the curriculum. He said, "Why is it called Handwriting without Tears?" I said, "Because you're doing handwriting, and do you have any tears? (no) Do I have any tears? (no) Then that's why it's called Handwriting without Tears!"  Well, he thought this was just hilarious. (I love it about my kids that they flatter my corny sense of humor!) So now we'll be sitting there together at the kitchen table doing handwriting, and he'll say, "Do you have any tears (no)? Do I have any tears? (no) That's why it's Handwriting Without Tears!"  A sweet little joke between mother and son!

Seriously, though, I highly recommend this program. I think in another couple of weeks or so, we'll begin to add in some writing in the workbook along with the "fun" stuff!

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