Friday, September 7, 2007

Bones, Bones, Bones!

First things first, Sweet Pea is feeling better. She is still running some fever, but I think the antibiotics are kicking in. Bless her heart, as yucky as she must feel, she still has such a cheery little demeanor, laughing and talking as usual.
Meanwhile on the homeschool front, we read Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones! by Byron Barton. This is a cute book that is a great way to introduce what a paleontologist does. (Even the 1 year old wanted to sit in on it.) Afterwards, we looked at some reconstructed dinosaur skeletons online, and then we got to be paleontologists ourselves (O.K., the kids - not me! But I did have fun hiding the bones.) I got a box of dog biscuits and hid most of them outside in the mulch. I gave the kids each a bag and a plastic shovel and told them to go looking for dinosaur bones. They ate this up! It was like an Easter egg hunt to them. After they collected all of the bones they took them inside (back to the museum like they did in the book) and "reconstructed" their dinosaur. They worked together pretty well. We talked about how sometimes paleontologists don't find the whole skeleton, and they have to make some "fake" bones to fill in the blanks. Well, we were short a head (er..skull), so we had to fabricate our own. The kids decided that our dino. was a triceratops, so they each drew different parts of his skull - the head, frill, 3 horns, etc. I cut them out, Superman drew a face (which is a big deal for this boy who does not like art), and we taped it all together and carefully placed it on our skeleton.  They both really enjoyed this. (This idea and the suggestion to read the Bones book came from Ami's Dino. unit at HSS. I highly recommend checking out this unit if you have a student who is interested in dinosaurs!) Here are some pics. from our dino. dig.

While the girls were taking afternoon naps, Superman and I read What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? Then he chose a dinosaur, we researched it together, and he dictated some info. to me to put in his dinosaur book that he is making. I wasn't sure if he'd get into this, but he was really interested and only bawked at cutting out his dino's photo to paste in. Once he got started though, he even enjoyed the cutting and was so proud of his work!

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